Batman: The Killing Joke

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Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman: Killing Joke - Ein tödlicher Witz | Moore, Alan, Bolland, Brian | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf​. Batmans Widersacher, der Joker, ist mal wieder aus dem Arkham Asylum ausgebrochen. Er überfallt Comissioner Gordon und verletzt dabei dessen Tochter Barbara alias Batgirl. Das hat zur Folge, dass sie fortan an einen Rollstuhl gebunden ist. Mit. The Killing Joke ist eine der bekanntesten und wichtigsten Geschichten in der Batman-Historie. Es. <

Batman: The Killing Joke (Film)

Batman: The Killing Joke steht für: Batman: The Killing Joke, Originaltitel von Batman: Lächeln, bitte!, Comic von Alan Moore und Brian Bolland (); Batman. The Killing Joke ist eine der bekanntesten und wichtigsten Geschichten in der Batman-Historie. Es. Warner Bros Animation bringt den zweiten, ebenso sehnsüchtig erwarteten Batman-Film im Jahr heraus, The Killing Joke.

Batman: The Killing Joke Movies / TV Video

Batman: Arkham Origins - The Killing Joke

The Joker's origin is presented via flashback, while simultaneously depicting his attempt to drive Jim Gordon insane and Batman's desperate attempt to stop him. She says "back to Die Fünfte Kolonne. Added to Watchlist. The Joker was on point as one would usually expect. InHamill expressed interest in reprising his role of the Eon Flux for the adaptation, resulting in a fan campaign for its production.

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Und Shane User Ratings. This is one of the best movies about Batman ever. For anyone who's not a die-hard fan when it comes to these DC animated films, no one could blame them for taking a pass. During the planning, the police inform him that Jeannie and their Bumblebee Imdb child have died in a household accident. When the film does go into The Killing Joke storyline it was a faithful adaptation of the graphic novel. Sam Liu would direct and Timm would executive produce the film. The film only has life when the Joker is onscreen and that's for only Beyblade Burst Serie the film. You're almost there! Everything Coming to Netflix in October View All Critic Reviews Rob Gonsalves.

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And that infamous scene is incredibly effective. But it's that first half-hour that doesn't work. It's tacked-on and certainly doesn't do Batgirl or Batman any favors the latter of whom just seems a tad creepy.

This is for better or worse the Joker's origin story, incendiary though it is, and I can understand why they'd want to flesh out Barbara's character; but it still doesn't work because Batman doesn't recall her horrific fate later on in the movie.

She's no longer relevant beyond the shock value. The intentions were there, but it could've been done better. Within this running time, there are 45 minutes of good movie.

Skip the first 30 and you don't miss a thing. I was a fan of the graphic novel, so I will admit that already set a high bar to please me. I would never have considered watching it but for the voice talents of Hamill and Conroy.

So I got comfortable and watched, hoping to be 'disturbed. It was FLAT. Like a soda you enjoy left open in a warm room allowed to lose every bubble of carbonation as well as achieve a temperature of lukewarm tepid.

My mind wished I could somehow spit it out now. But no It is there now. Any fond memories of the graphic novel Replaced with this. Keeping this "spoiler free" was extraordinarily easy as it is already a spoiled mire of good talent and incredible source material wasted.

Hellspawn92 15 April This movie is awful. As a stand alone movie, it's weak and ineffective. As an adaptation, it's a travesty.

What should be a deep, poignant movie that reflects on the nature of good and evil, why we become what we become, whether free will exists and other fascinating themes, becomes a lame action movie full of fan service, bad writing, bad characterization and terrible pacing.

This movie is doomed by a complete misunderstanding of what made the comic great, a bad writer and total lack of respect for its characters especially Barbara Gordon.

Everything great about the comic was done poorly or taken out. And all the additions are awful. A fan of the comic will hate it and a newcomer will just wonder why the hell the comic is considered a masterpiece, if this is the story people raved about for 30 years.

But this one of the worst things ever produced by DC. Much of the controversy around this movie surrounds the first half, so I am going to concentrate on that portion.

People in the theatre I went to said they would have loved The Killing Joke, if not for the first half. I argue that the second half would not make any sense without the first.

As perhaps one of the most famous hero and villain duos in all of fiction, it is easy to see Batman and the Joker as diametrically opposed in their approach to crime.

We start to see Batman as imperfect, and perhaps not so different from any Gotham resident. This imperfection serves to develop some of the sympathy we feel towards the Joker and his ultimate goal regarding his confrontation with Batman, regardless of his twisted techniques.

Evidence of this comes with some of the Joker's quips, which come with a visceral laugh despite their macabre nature. The only area for potential complaint comes with the animation in certain scenes, though I'm not sure this was unintentional due to rushing for completion or due to intentionally demonstrating something quite "off" about the whole situation at hand.

I'll be honest: I was waiting something great and I didn't get it. Maybe because of the very high expectations that the movie just couldn't reach.

There was a couple of things that bothered me. I think the important part was too short about 45 minutes , they gave too much emphasis to the Batgirl prologue, I mean, the Joker appeared 30 minutes after the movie initiated, for God sake!

Yes, there was some things from that part that I thought were interesting, I'm sure some people will hate them though. I was very uncomfortable with the inconsistency of the art style, sometimes The Joker looked amazing, sometimes It was OK.

But they could do it a lot better. I've always thought that The Killing Joke is actually not long enough and not quite suitable enough for big screen.

This just proves it. There's a lot of padding to extend the run time. First ish minutes are brand new stuff, not from the comic book.

It deals with Barbara and her relationship with Batman. Also, they have sex. Yeah, so, moving on. I guess that new stuff had purpose to extend the run time and maybe add some more character to Barbara, to make the later stuff more impactful.

But somehow it new stuff becomes totally disconnected from the rest. Again, the comic didn't have that much material to put into an hour plus long movie.

So while it does fill the time, it doesn't add much or subtracts from the whole picture. Although, that sex scene was a bit unnecessary.

There are few more fillers along the way and they are also in that "nor adding, nor subtracting anything from the whole" formula. Ending was a bit weird too.

While it will be an eternal debate about "did Batman strangled Joker or not? Here, similar, only we hear Batman weird laugh extending into fade to end credits.

While a small thing, it kinda annoyed me. Also, there's a mid credits stinger, which was also out of place and felt a bit unnecessary.

Now, it's nothing new that Alan Moore doesn't want to have anything with transferring his stories to big screen, here they skipped him completely and credited Brian Azzarello for story.

I guess he did the best he could to expand the story to fit into an hour and 15 minutes animated feature. Only those fillers were kind of whatever.

Voice acting and all that, Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, Tara Strong, Nolan North.. Music, also fine.

What I want to write a bit more about is animation. It could should be way better though. Directing was OK but I can't shake the feeling that a bit of quality directing and editing would make this thing a whole lot better.

But it's OK. And that's the running theme here - OK. Good but not great. At the plant, the criminals and the costumed comedian run into security personnel, and a shootout occurs.

The criminals are gunned down and the comedian is confronted by Batman. Terrified, the comedian trips and falls into the chemical plant's waste pond, and is swept through a pipe leading to the outside.

As he removes his mask, he sees the chemicals have permanently disfigured his face, giving him a clown-like appearance.

His disfigurement, combined with the loss of his family, drives him insane and transforms him into the Joker.

In the present, Batman finds and saves Gordon, while the Joker flees. Despite his ordeal, Gordon remains sane and demands that Batman capture the Joker "by the book".

Batman follows the Joker as the latter tries to persuade him that the world is just one big joke and that "one bad day" is enough to drive an ordinary man insane.

Batman subdues Joker, tells him that Gordon has remained sane and concludes that Joker is alone in his madness.

He then attempts to reach out to him, offering rehabilitation. Joker apologetically declines, saying it is too late for him.

He then says that the situation reminds him of a joke about two patients in an insane asylum who try to escape by leaping over to the adjoining building.

The first patient makes it across, but the second patient is afraid that he will fall. The first patient gets an idea and says, "Hey, I got this flashlight with me.

I'll just shine it across the gap between the buildings and you can walk across the beam and join me". But the second patient says, "What do you think I am, crazy?

You'll just turn it off when I'm halfway across! Batman and Joker then have a good laugh at the joke as the police arrive. The Joker's laugh trails off while Batman continues to laugh, leaving the ending as ambiguous as the comic.

In a mid-credits scene, Barbara is in her wheelchair entering a secret room in her apartment. She says " back to work " as she turns on her computers, the Oracle icon appears on her screen.

In , during San Diego Comic-Con International , actor Mark Hamill , who wanted to quit playing the Joker at that time, stated that he would be willing to voice the Joker for an adaptation of The Killing Joke , encouraging fans to campaign for said adaptation, [5] [6] most notably in a tweet on October 24, Sam Liu would direct and Timm would executive produce the film.

The film features a minute prologue that sets up the story. In January , Timm revealed that the film would be screened at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

He added that the team had to "add a lot more story" for the film due to the source novel not being long enough to make a feature-length film.

Animation and Warner Digital Series president Sam Register explaining, "From the start of production, we encouraged producer Bruce Timm and our team at Warner Bros.

Animation to remain faithful to the original story—regardless of the eventual MPAA rating We felt it was our responsibility to present our core audience—the comics-loving community—with an animated film that authentically represented the tale they know all too well.

In terms of animation production, the crew admitted that trying to adapt Bolland's art style was challenging due to the realistic quality; they then sought out another artist with a simpler yet very similar style that would be easier to animate, settling on Kevin Nowlan.

The animation was outsourced to The Answer Studio Co. LTD in Japan. Warner Home Video hosted the world premiere of The Killing Joke during the San Diego Comic-Con [15] [16] on July 22, Batman: The Killing Joke received mixed reviews from critics.

Criticism was aimed at the prologue regarding the questionable changes to the relationship between Batman and Batgirl and the latter's portrayal as well as the adaptation of the source material, though the voice acting from Conroy and Hamill was praised.

The site's critics' consensus reads: "This stilted retelling of the Joker's origin adds little to its iconic source material, further diminished by some questionable story additions that will have fans demanding justice for Barbara Gordon.

Many critics and fans agreed the first half of the film felt unnecessary and disconnected to the second half. Jesse Schedeen of IGN wrote, "The creep factor comes from the fact that Batgirl has such a clearly subordinate relationship to Batman.

He's the seasoned veteran and mentor. She's the newbie pupil Worst of all, none of this opening act has any real bearing on the remainder of the film.

Batgirl still comes across as a sacrificial lamb in the end. Her insipid romantic drama adds no weight to her eventual trauma. In response to criticism of the prologue, Azzarello stated, "The thing about this is that it's controversial, so we added more controversy.

We were aware that it's a little risky. There's definitely some stuff in that first part of the movie that's going to be controversial.

Here's where we came down on that specific issue: It was really important to us to show that both of the characters make some pretty big mistakes.

I mean, his "parental skills" aren't that great. Maybe never having had any kids of his own, he doesn't realize that if you tell a kid to not do something, they're going to want to do it even more.

Rachel Wagner. Writers didn't know what to do with Barbara back in , and they don't know now. Amanda Greever. Talking about this film, this story, is rough.

It's rough because it commands a lot of questions on multiple levels of the creative process. Emily Asher-Perrin. Just take my advice and begin where the comic does, or the joke's on you.

Aaron Peterson. A faithful retelling of the classic graphic novel, albeit with some odd decisions regarding Batman and Batgirl's relationship.

Sean Curry. Why would you watch the K-Mart version, when you can just read it as it was meant to be? Steph Cozza. For anyone who's not a die-hard fan when it comes to these DC animated films, no one could blame them for taking a pass.

George M. A reason to see this movie is that it shows exactly how to not write a heroine. It shows how to fail at empowering her.

Marcy Cook. It just turns the story into The Sorrows of Young Barbara, first sexualized by Franz, then rebuffed by Batman, and finally brutalized by the Joker.

Rob Gonsalves. The film only has life when the Joker is onscreen and that's for only half the film. Dennis Schwartz.

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Delve into the demented history of the Dark Knight’s arch nemesis – The Joker – as he sets out to prove insanity is only a horrifying moment away for anyone. Batman: The Killing Joke is a DC universe direct-to-video original animated movie. It is a film adaptation of the Alan Moore/Brian Bolland comic of the same name. It was released in July 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Trivia 4 Videos 5 Gallery 6 References 7 External links Barbara Gordon as Batgirl fails to stop a robbery, but manages to stop one fleeing criminal with help from Batman. . The Killing Joke is supposed to be about Batman's relationship with The Joker. Instead, it felt almost as If Barbara Gordon was the main character. If they didn't want to just do a direct adaptation of the novel because it'd be too short, I get it, but find another way to expand it.
Batman: The Killing Joke "The Killing Joke" The plot revolves around a largely psychological battle between Batman and his longtime foe the Joker, who has escaped from Arkham Asylum. Batman paid a visit to Arkham Asylum, and specifically to the Joker's cell. Batman: The Killing Joke is one of the darkest Batman stories ever told, delving into the relationship between the Joker and the Dark Knight. The comic begins with a pre-accident Joker — a regular. Batman: The Killing Joke is a DC Comics one-shot graphic novel featuring the characters Batman and the Joker written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland. The Killing Joke provides an origin story for the supervillain the Joker, loosely adapted from the story arc " The Man Behind the Red Hood!. As Batman hunts for the escaped Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime attacks the Gordon family to prove a diabolical point mirroring his own fall into madness. Batman: The Killing Joke is a American adult animated superhero thriller film produced by Warner Bros. Animation and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Batmans Widersacher, der Joker, ist mal wieder aus dem Arkham Asylum ausgebrochen. Er überfallt Comissioner Gordon und verletzt dabei dessen Tochter Barbara alias Batgirl. Das hat zur Folge, dass sie fortan an einen Rollstuhl gebunden ist. Mit. Batman: The Killing Joke (auf deutsch etwa: Der Tötungswitz bzw. Der tödliche Witz) ist eine US-amerikanische Zeichentrickverfilmung der Graphic Novel. Batman: The Killing Joke steht für: Batman: The Killing Joke, Originaltitel von Batman: Lächeln, bitte!, Comic von Alan Moore und Brian Bolland (); Batman. Batman: The Killing Joke | Moore, Alan, Bolland, Brian, Bolland, Brian | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf​. Batman Deluxe Sky Sender Programm The Killing Joke. Sehen Sie, der Umschlag weist Aikyou Bh Loch auf, und der Rücken ist beschädigt. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, Gwentin Tarantino embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.
Batman: The Killing Joke


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