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Myth Busters

MythBusters: In dieser Doku-Serie gehen die beiden Spezialeffekt-Experten Adam Savage und Jamie Heineman sogenannten modernen Mythen und. Detailinformationen: EU-Mythbusters. Falschnachrichten, Verschwörungstheorien, Panikmache und Wundermittel, sowie klischeehafte Vorurteile sollen mit Hilfe. MythBusters ist eine Fernsehsendung des amerikanischen Fernsehsenders Discovery Channel, die sich mit der Nachstellung und Überprüfung von "urbanen​. <

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MythBusters. Gefällt Mal · Personen sprechen darüber. www.​ Mythbusters. 1 Staffel. Mythen haben keine Chance! Jamie Hyneman und Adam Savage - die Experten in Sachen Spezialeffekte - räumen auf mit. MythBusters ist eine Fernsehsendung des amerikanischen Fernsehsenders Discovery Channel, die sich mit der Nachstellung und Überprüfung von "urbanen​.

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The MythBusters investigate two car crash scenarios: how to escape a car surrounded by a web of deadly power lines, and if a pedestrian can avoid catastrophic impact with a timely jump. The cast of the television series MythBusters perform experiments to verify or debunk urban legends, old wives' tales, and the is a list of the various myths tested on the show, as well as the results of the experiments (the myth is Busted, Plausible, or Confirmed. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Department. Movies & TV; TV Shows; Prime Video. Former "MythBusters" co-host Adam Savage has been accused of sexual abuse by his sister.. In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Westchester Supreme Court, Miranda Pacchiana says she was "sexually abused. The MythBusters tested over 1, distinct myths in hour-long episodes spanning 14 years, resulting in a vast amount of information about common myths and interesting phenomena. The following overview attempts to summarize and categorize the results of the entire MythBusters series as succinctly as possible. MythBusters is an Australian-American science entertainment television program created by Peter Rees and produced by Australia's Beyond Television Productions. The series premiered on the Discovery Channel on January 23, Created by Peter Rees. With Robert Lee, Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Kari Byron. A weekly documentary in which two Hollywood special effects experts attempt to debunk urban legends by directly testing them. Die Spezialeffekt-Experten Jamie Hyneman und Adam Savage räumen mit weitverbreiteten Legenden, modernen Mythen und bekannten Sprichwörtern auf. Mit ihren Experimenten testen sie auf wissenschaftliche Art die Wahrscheinlichkeit jener `Mythen'. MythBusters – Die Wissensjäger (Originaltitel: MythBusters) war eine US-​amerikanische Dokumentarserie des Fernsehsenders Discovery Channel, die sich mit. Mythbusters. Jetzt ansehen. Mythen haben keine Chance! Jamie Hyneman und Adam Savage - die Experten in Sachen Spezialeffekte - räumen auf mit. Mythbusters. 1 Staffel. Mythen haben keine Chance! Jamie Hyneman und Adam Savage - die Experten in Sachen Spezialeffekte - räumen auf mit.

The MythBusters take on Hollywood's greatest invisible assassins with a trio of tall tales of ingenious booby traps.

Add Image S15, Ep6. The MythBusters are tackling two ballistic mysteries. Is a dead body bullet proof? Plus, is a non-Newtonian fluid bomb proof?

S15, Ep7. The MythBusters investigate two arrow-themed myths: if a flaming arrow fired into a car's gas tank will cause it to explode, and if a deadly-looking tribal initiation is as dangerous as it seems.

S15, Ep8. The MythBusters take on an incredibly dangerous, glass-shattering movie myth and search for a no-cry kitchen cure for chopping onions.

S15, Ep9. The MythBusters investigate two tall tales from the Wild West: how deadly a dynamite-firing crossbow is, and the best way to shoot from the hip during a shootout.

Add Image S15, Ep Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. A weekly documentary in which two Hollywood special effects experts attempt to debunk urban legends by directly testing them.

Creator: Peter Rees. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes. Error: please try again. Watch the Super Bowl Spots.

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Show HTML View more styles. User Polls Which of these top rated documentary TV series is your favorite? Episodes Seasons. Tests are sometimes confined to the workshop, but often require the teams to be outside.

Much of the outdoor testing during early seasons took place in the parking lot of M5, and occasionally M6 and M7 [ citation needed ].

A cargo container in the M7 parking lot commonly serves as an isolation room for dangerous myths, with the experiment being triggered from outside.

However, budget increases have permitted more frequent travel to other locations in San Francisco and around the Bay Area. Common filming locations around the Bay Area include decommissioned closed military facilities such as Naval Air Station Alameda , Naval Air Station Moffett Field , Concord Naval Weapons Station , Naval Station Treasure Island , Marin Headlands , Hunters Point Naval Shipyard , Mare Island Naval Shipyard , Hamilton Air Force Base , and abandoned base housing at Marina, California 's former Fort Ord , and the Alameda County Sheriff's facility in Dublin, California , especially the firing range, Emergency Vehicles Operation Course EVOC , and bomb range.

Occasionally, mainly for special episodes, production is out of state, or even out of the country. Results are measured in a manner scientifically appropriate for the given experiment.

Sometimes results can be measured by simple numerical measurement using standard tools, such as multimeters for electrical measurements, or various types of thermometers to measure temperature.

To gauge results that do not yield numerical quantities, the teams commonly make use of several types of equipment which can provide other forms of observable effects.

When testing physical consequences to a human body which would be too dangerous to test on a living person, the MythBusters commonly use analogues.

Initially, they mainly used crash test dummies usually, whatever form and function it possessed, would be named Buster for observing blunt trauma injury, and ballistic gelatin for testing penetrating trauma.

They have since progressed to using pig carcasses when an experiment requires a more accurate simulation of human flesh, bone, and organs.

They have also occasionally molded real or simulated bones within ballistics gel for simulations of specific body parts. They have also used synthetic cadavers or SynDavers such as in the Car Cushion myth.

Both for the purposes of visual observation to determine a result and simply as a unique visual for the program, high speed cameras are used during experiments and have become a trademark of the series.

Very fast footage of moving objects in front of a measured scale is commonly utilized to determine the speed of the object.

Testing is often edited due to time constraints of a televised episode. It can often seem as if the teams draw results from fewer repetitions and a smaller data set than they actually have.

During the Outtakes Special , they specifically stated that while they are, in fact, very thorough in testing myths and repeat experiments many times in many different configurations, it is simply impossible to display the entire process during a program.

Beginning in the fifth season , episodes typically contain a prompt for the viewer to visit the show's homepage to view outtake footage of either additional testing or other facets of the myths being tested.

However, Savage himself has acknowledged that they do not purport always to achieve a satisfactorily large enough set of results to overcome definitively all bias.

These episodes have sometimes resulted in overturning results of several myths as well as upholding some results for reasons different from the original.

Occasionally the MythBusters will take the opportunity to test "mini myths" during the course of one of the episode's main myths, usually in the name of satisfying personal curiosity.

These can either be planned in advance in order to take advantage of the testing location—for instance, in the "Peeing on the Third Rail" myth Adam got permission to find out if placing coins on a train track was sufficient to derail a train he found that the test locomotive was not affected at all —or can simply take place on the spur of the moment.

There are some myths the MythBusters refuse to test. Paranormal concepts, such as aliens or ghosts , are not addressed because they cannot be tested by scientific methods , although one exception, pyramid power , prompted Adam to comment, "No more 'oogie-boogie' myths, please" and state at a tour show in Indianapolis in that it was a mistake.

Another myth related to the paranormal was the Haunted Hum myth , which involved testing if a particular, inaudible sound frequency can lead people to believe that an area is haunted.

The program generally avoids experiments harmful to live animals, though in one episode they bombarded cockroaches and other laboratory insects with lethal doses of radiation and the cast addressed this, saying that the insects were specifically bred for experiments and would have likely died anyway.

However animal carcasses including those of pigs and chickens are often used, but the MythBusters have repeatedly emphasized that the animals have died of natural causes.

Savage has commented that it is difficult to test myths that require them to disprove general claims because of the inherent difficulty in disproving a negative.

As a result, when they do pursue such myths, they typically go about disproving specific methods that claim to achieve results.

Additionally, certain myths are not tested due to various objections by Discovery Channel or their advertisers, most notably myths pertaining to radio-frequency identification RFID vulnerability.

Many of the myths tested involve purported household scenarios, so all episodes begin with a disclaimer against attempting the experiments seen on the series; most episodes also feature a second warning halfway through the running time.

These disclaimers are not broadcast on SBS in Australia, in the Netherlands, Discovery Mix in Sweden, the Discovery Channel in Denmark, or on the Prime and Sky Discovery Channels in New Zealand.

Often, they are presented with an element of humor, such as Savage wearing a padded suit as Hyneman hits him in the chest with a baseball bat, or Hyneman explaining that he and Savage are professionals before Savage slides into view and crashes into a barrier while saying, "Don't try this at home!

The series employs various degrees of safety or courtesy-related censorship. Vulgar language is censored, as the show is considered family-friendly and most such language occurs spontaneously when the team is surprised or overexcited; at other times there is a deliberate effort to keep the scripted material clean.

In addition to the standard bleep , the show often uses a relevant or humorous sound effect. Euphemisms and scientific terminology are used for potentially offensive terms.

The names of ingredients used in the production of hazardous materials and some explosives are usually censored to prevent amateurs from recreating potentially dangerous substances.

For example, in the " Hindenburg " special, Savage ignited thermite with a hypergolic mixture of "blur" a syrupy, pale blue liquid and "blur" a dark powder.

In a Civil War -themed episode, the ingredients for making a form of homemade black powder were censored in similar fashion.

In one extreme instance of self-censorship, the team explored an urban legend stating that a widely available material could be used to create an explosive.

To their surprise, the seemingly unlikely legend proved true, but the material was so easy to obtain, and the resulting explosion so powerful, that the production team decided it would be irresponsible to allow such information to reach the general public, instead electing to destroy all footage of the experiment and agreeing never to speak of the incident.

Only several years later, when DARPA solicited advice from the public regarding potentially unknown bomb risks, did Savage contact them about their discovery.

In another episode that focused on myths surrounding electronic security devices, there was a segment on defeating biometric fingerprint readers using various methods.

One of these techniques involved creating a fake 3D fingerprint from a 2D image of the authorized print. After some trial and error, the team successfully cast a viable ballistics gel reproduction using a copper-coated circuit board , a picture of the fingerprint printed on acetate , and a photochemical acid etching process.

After the reproduction was shown to defeat both fingerprint scanners, and although the chemicals used during the etching process are never identified, the narrator still hints at an important step having been edited out and discourages viewers from trying it themselves.

None of the other techniques that successfully defeated the fingerprint scanners or the other security devices tested in the episode were censored or obfuscated, perhaps because the rest were all fairly simple and straightforward methods, such as holding up a bedsheet or moving extremely slowly to hide from ultrasonic motion detectors or holding up a pane of glass to defeat thermal motion detectors.

Brand names and logos are regularly blurred or covered with tape or a MythBusters sticker. Brand names are shown when integral to a myth, such as in the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment or Pop Rocks in the very first pilot episode of MythBusters.

The Diet Coke and Mentos experiment is also an outlier with respect to their safety warnings, as Savage and Hyneman stated on air that this myth was perfectly safe for viewers to replicate on their own.

Another example of this is the " Phone Book Friction " episode, in which they investigated the difficulty of pulling two telephone books apart after their pages had been interleaved.

One episode from the season, " DO Try This at Home? Due to the nature of the experiments performed on the show, many have not gone as expected.

Sometimes, these mishaps have rendered the test equipment unusable, such as when the rocket in the "Rocket Car Revisit" exploded on ignition.

Others have even resulted in minor injuries to the personnel involved with the show, such as when Tory banged his knee falling off a fire tower; the fall was expected and prepared for using a safety harness, but the injury to his knee was unforeseen.

The most common injuries are caused when moving safety equipment which has resulted in stitches and at least four broken fingers. He said he made the decision not to notify anyone in town for safety's sake.

Everybody would have been out there. We would have had to cancel it because it would have been too dangerous. On December 6, , while conducting the " Cannonball Chemistry " experiment, the MythBusters crew accidentally sent a cannonball through the side of a house and into a minivan in a Dublin, California , neighborhood.

No one was hurt by the rogue cannonball. A show producer visited the homeowners to apologize, [42] followed by Savage and Hyneman; Savage later stated that the incident would not cause the series production to be suspended.

The sold-out event attracted over 1, attendees. During the airing of the experiment on November 11, , the Build Team apologized for the accident and explained that they suspended testing after the accident in order to assess damage and start an investigation.

The testing resumed several months later, at a rock quarry in a much more remote area. In January , children's author and adventurer Andrew Knight commenced legal proceedings in Australia against Beyond Productions , the producer of MythBusters , alleging passing off in relation to the use of the name "MythBusters".

Knight wrote a series of self-published children's books under the banner "MythBusters" in , , and Beyond Properties Pty Limited was again a defendant, as were two other Beyond companies and Discovery Communications Inc, the entity responsible for broadcasting the MythBusters programme in the UK.

These claims were also dismissed. Hyneman and Savage have appeared on numerous entertainment programs, such as Good Morning America , [52] the Late Show with David Letterman , [53] NPR 's news program All Things Considered , [54] the syndicated radio Bob and Tom Show , and in the movie The Darwin Awards as two military surplus vendors who sold a JATO rocket to the main character.

Skeptic magazine's Daniel Loxton interviewed the duo in a article titled "MythBusters Exposed". Hyneman and Savage occasionally appear at colleges around the United States to talk about what it is like to be a MythBuster; the show consists of an interview and discussion to give the audience the opportunity to ask the MythBusters questions.

The Build Team members have sometimes made appearances in similar capacity. They hold lectures in both collegiate and corporate settings, though the technical colleges tend to be the most enthusiastic.

Adam Savage has written a primer on mold-making for Make magazine , and has been featured guest at the San Mateo Maker Faire since Kari Byron was interviewed on The Late Show , on January 16, People involved in survival stories reported in local newscasts have sometimes mentioned previous viewings of MythBusters as an influence to their actions.

Twenty-three-year-old Theresa Booth of St. Martin , Minnesota, credits a MythBusters episode for her and her infant child's survival.

On April 3, , she skidded off the road into a drainage ditch which had filled with flood water from the Sauk River. Unable to open the door, Booth recalled the Underwater Car myth and waited until the pressure equalized to open the door.

He pulled back as the train passed, citing that the "Train Suction" episode affected his response. The 3rd Annual Independent Investigative Group IIG Awards presented an award to MythBusters recognizing the promotion of science and critical thinking in popular media on May 18, On the May 1, episode of CSI , " The Theory of Everything ", Hyneman and Savage appeared in a cameo as observers taking notes during a test to determine whether a taser bolt can set someone on fire under various circumstances which was later tested on MythBusters itself.

During August , Hyneman and Savage appeared on the stage of NVISION 08 , an event sponsored by Nvidia , having been asked by Nvidia's Creative Director, David Wright, to provide a visual demonstration of the power of the GPU vs a CPU.

They did this by creating an image of the Mona Lisa with a giant parallel processing paintball gun, setting a world record for largest paintball gun in the process.

On the April 17, , episode of NCIS , " Rekindled ", the character Abby Sciuto demonstrates a thermite fire to her boss, Jethro Gibbs , by playing a clip from the MythBusters episode "End with a Bang".

Gibbs asks if the men in the clip are pyromaniacs , and she replies, "Scientists, Gibbs! Okay, yeah, they're kind of pyromaniacs too.

Hyneman, Savage, and others from the MythBusters crew have appeared at The Amaz! Can a fired bullet lodge in the chamber of a revolver?

Can two colliding bullets fuse in mid air? If two metal hammers are struck together, will they explode? Myths tested : Is anti-gravity possible?

Can too many lights on a Christmas tree cause it to light on fire? Can vodka help to ease the pain of a jellyfish sting?

Myths tested : Can a falling frozen turkey break a person's foot or kill a pet? Can a turkey be cooked by exposing it to a radar or microwave transmitter antenna?

Do various methods work keeping the needles of a Christmas tree from falling off? Can a holiday-themed Rube Goldberg machine be built within a week's time?

Note : This is a special episode. This is the first episode to air the new opening sequence and to film in high definition. Myths tested : Is it possible to survive a 22,foot fall using the blast from a pound bomb to break the fall?

Is electricity saved by switching off the lights when leaving a room? A prison inmate can kill another inmate from across the hall, using newspaper for a paper crossbow.

Jamie and Adam built separate crossbows for the myth and fired a few shots each. Testing proved it is possible to kill someone using a paper crossbow , but it would require a precise shot to a vital spot such as a jugular vein or eye , which is difficult with improvised weapons such as a paper crossbow.

The crossbows each gradually became useless after a few shots, showing that the shooter would only have a few shots to hit a vital spot.

Also, the obvious problem exists of getting off one shot or more without being caught in the act.

The difference was noticeable between the control jacket and the one sprayed with vodka before washing.

Grant described the control jacket as having an "oaky smell" to it, while on the vodka jacket he could not detect such a smell.

The control water killed more bees two than vodka, which failed to kill any. The bees sprayed with water went into a comatose-like state and awoke later the next day when they dried off.

The bees sprayed with vodka showed no ill effects at all though they seemed to fly in a weird manner as if they were drunk.

The full-scale test done with a run-away engine and stand-in tail section produced a result that was almost identical to the shredded plane seen in the photo.

While the Build Team—in their own words—cheated and used a drill and some gunpowder, with a stick in place of a drillbit, the friction from the drill did light the tinder on fire.

This myth was tested legitimately in the season's "Duct Tape Island" with a bamboo bow drill and duct tape string. Earlier tests using modern weaponry and smokeless powder were unproductive.

Tory then modified an old musket and replaced the bullet with a piece of cloth. When the gun was fired, the black powder which burns more energetically than smokeless ignited the cloth, which then ignited the tinder into which it was shot.

Chocolate was used to buff out the wear marks and ink marking and give the can bottom a reflective shine that could focus light and produce heat. While the can was not able to light tinder that was held by hand, the rig easily lit when the tinder was secured on a makeshift rig that kept it from moving.

It took several tries, but the ends of the battery eventually heated the steel wool through electric resistance enough to light it on fire.

A clip from a survivalist TV show with Ron Hood also showed this myth to be confirmed. This is also a requirement for the American Boy Scout Wilderness Survival merit badge.

Kari used a globe of specially produced clear ice about half the size of a bowling ball to produce smoke and later fire when she used it as a refractive lens.

An array of bronze mirrors can set a wooden ship on fire. From Ancient Death Ray. The large-scale array simply took too long to light the ship on fire.

In addition, the ship only ignited when it was stationary and positioned at less than half the distance described in the myth.

The myth was plausible at a smaller scale, however. Flaming arrows were fired from a ballista at the ship, but to little effect.

The most effective and plausible with Archimedes-era technology method of lighting the ship ablaze was through the use of Molotov cocktails.

Under the same amount of impulse under the same atmospheric conditions, balls filled with helium showed no significant difference from balls filled with compressed air.

Under the same impulse, both types of balls had the same initial velocity ; since the helium-filled balls have a lower mass than the air-filled ones, the helium-filled balls have less inertia in flight: in fact, they may perform worse than air-filled balls over larger distances.

It is possible to catch a fired bullet in one piece with one's teeth. A pig's teeth are significantly stronger than a human's, and yet were shattered by an impulse test when a bullet, held by a pig head's teeth under the same pressure as an average human's maximum bite strength, was suddenly forced forward by a force equivalent to a speeding bullet.

Furthermore, the reaction time needed to perfectly capture a bullet in one's teeth is too short and has too tight a tolerance for any human to succeed.

Finally, when the bullet was captured perfectly, the velocity at which it traveled completely destroyed even a full metal jacket bullet : it is impossible to catch a bullet in the same state as it exited a gun, by solid mechanical means.

When Benjamin Franklin showed lightning to be electricity by flying a kite during a thunderstorm , could he have survived the shock?

The experiment itself worked perfectly as described, but the current produced by artificial lightning which is a fraction of what a real lightning bolt would contain was fatal.

Based on this observation, the Build Team concluded Franklin could not possibly have survived a direct hit as the popular story of the experiment states.

They also found the kite need not be directly struck by lightning for the experiment to work. Experiment: confirmed; story: busted.

The amount of potentially deadly gases found in an average flatus , such as carbon dioxide , is too low to cause its concentration to rise to fatal levels in a few hours, even in a small, airtight room.

In fact, breathing causes the CO 2 levels to rise much faster. Lighting a match does not reduce the concentration of hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan , the odorous gases commonly found in flatulence.

The smell of a safety match being ignited instead masks the smell of methyl mercaptan when tested individually. Wearing special undergarments fitted with a microphone and patched through a sound system and given a hydrogen sulfide meter, Kari was given the lead in this myth.

Despite the meter malfunctioning and many hours without any sound broadcast over the speakers, Kari finally produced a flatus and busted the myth.

The chair used in the Lighting the Emission episode Adam began by welding attachments to an ordinary chair to allow him an optimal position. A person can fly using a life raft filled with helium.

The amount of helium required to lift a person off the ground or even the raft itself is prohibitively immense, and such a raft of adequate size would be quite flimsy.

In fact, the final test of the raft had to be aborted because of an unbalanced release of the ties, causing Adam to become entangled and destroying the raft in the process.

The ban on cell phones on aircraft is designed to force passengers to use the expensive in-flight phones. Cell-phone signals, specifically those in the — MHz range, did interfere with unshielded cockpit instrumentation.

Because older aircraft with unshielded wiring can be affected, because of the possible problems that may arise by having many airborne cell phones "seeing" multiple cell phone towers, and because of all the electronic systems in a modern airplane that would have to undergo lengthy and expensive certification, the MythBusters speculated that the FCC by enforcement through the FAA prohibits the use of cell phones while airborne to remain on the safe side, rather than the air companies asking for the ban to increase their revenue from in-flight phones.

Such a prohibition was lifted in Europe. Bullets fired into the air maintain their lethal capability when they eventually fall back down.

Busted , Plausible , and Confirmed. In the case of a bullet fired at sufficiently close to a vertical angle to result in a non ballistic trajectory, the bullet would tumble, lose its spin, and fall at a much slower speed due to terminal velocity , so is rendered less than lethal on impact the Busted rating.

However, if a bullet is fired at a lower angle allowing for a ballistic trajectory a far more likely case , it will maintain its spin and will retain enough energy to be lethal on impact the Plausible rating.

Because of this potentiality, firing a gun into the air is illegal in most U. This is the only myth to receive all three ratings at the same time.

For some reason, although most of the MythBusters were allergic to poison oak when they were young especially Kari, who was exempted from the test because she had once had a dangerous reaction , it did not affect anyone but John the Researcher.

The vodka still gave no results. Both a control and vodka-soaked bandage were quickly removed from hair-covered legs and, while not painless, the vodka-soaked bandage came off less painfully and removed less hair than the control.

This myth was not seen in the version aired in the US. After the mixture was put inside the refrigerator overnight, the vodka which has a lower freezing point than water prevented the water from freezing, making the mixture cold and malleable.

When tested against a commercial ice pack for twenty minutes, the mixture worked just as well, although the commercial ice pack was slightly better by about half a degree Celsius or one degree Fahrenheit about Tory even joked after the test that the mixture could make a good slushie to drink after use.

Through a double-blind taste test , the cheap vodka seemed to taste better with every subsequent filtration, although the top-shelf vodka beat them all.

However, a chemical analysis showed no actual difference between the filtered and unfiltered cheap vodka. A hybrid rocket can be propelled with salami.

From Confederate Rocket. Salami, like the paraffin used in the first test, was able to propel the rocket, although it tended to explode instead of providing even thrust.

An arrow can be split in half through a direct hit in the tail by another arrow. From Splitting an Arrow. Even after multiple direct hits on a solid wood arrow with the bone nock removed with a professional archer, a tail-to-tip split could not be achieved.

It took an arrow made of hollow bamboo to create the splitting effect seen in the movie, because the second arrow will follow the grain of the first, normal arrow, which will lead to the side before it makes it to the end.

Also their tests revealed that an arrow fired from a traditional bow wobbles in the air enough that it will not hit the end of the arrow straight.

A modern firearm can be fired if completely submerged in water. From Bulletproof Water. All of the firearms a 9mm , a. The entire gun had to be completely submerged in water—all pockets of air must be removed—to prevent a possible explosion when fired.

Furthermore, the break-barrel shotgun a relatively old design destroyed itself when fired under water. Finally, the water pressure might cause the spent cartridge casing to fail to leave the chamber and effectively reduce the gun to a one-shot deal.

Obviously, revolvers would not have this problem, as they do not eject their spent casings after each shot. A small room can be quickly painted by detonating a stick of dynamite in a bucket of paint.

Furthermore, Adam's and Jamie's customized contraptions, designed to help distribute the paint more evenly, failed to produce any successful results or an intact room.

The test failed to produce any effects. Tory wore the helmet for two tests. The first was an attempt at a local coffee shop to give his order to the clerk without telling her, which failed although the women behind him claimed to receive the message he was trying to broadcast.

In the second attempt, he attempted to make Jamie remove his trademark beret, with no effect, while Jamie was filming the wrap-up for Facts About Flatulence.

Tory, in fact, is visible in the rear of the shot during that episode wearing the helmet. While it is plausible that some sort of "mind influence" determined by looking at EEG recordings was achieved, no actual predictable control of the mind's state occurred.

Also, the magnet may have affected the EEG machine's readings. Enough pre-existing scientific evidence exists regarding hypnosis for the Build Team to call the myth plausible, and their EEG readings backed up that evidence.

However, a later myth busts the possibility that one could coerce another person into doing something against his will through hypnosis, so while someone's brainwaves can be influenced through hypnosis, true "mind control" cannot be achieved with it.

Under the right conditions, farm chemicals can cause a pair of trousers to combust if they are spilt on and subjected to normal wear and abuse.

The Build Team tried to ignite cotton denim pant swatches soaked in fertilizer , gun cotton solution, black powder , and the herbicide sodium chlorate using an open flame, radiant heat source, friction, and impact, but only the herbicide could ignite with sufficient energy under the above conditions except for friction , and it was particularly reactive to impact.

In a full-scale experiment using Buster , paramedics on-hand stated that Buster would most likely survive the blast with only some burns.

Research confirms the herbicide as the culprit, as an accidental infestation of ragwort in the country caused a dramatic increase in herbicide use.

Despite the fact that it was technically not a true explosion as there was no rapid air compression typical of an explosion , it was agreed that the rapid flash ignition of the pants was quick and energetic enough to be deemed an "explosion" by a layman, rendering the myth confirmed.

After determining this, Frank Doyle and the MythBusters painted Buster's pants with classified "Silver" explosive and the resulting blast completely destroyed him, throwing pieces of his body in all directions.

The cell did not work with the car, and while the car did start unmodified when pure hydrogen was introduced, the hydrogen was also violently ignited soon afterwards, making it an unlikely, dangerous, and expensive alternative.

Although there's no word on damage to the engine from using used cooking oil, a Mercedes-Benz diesel -fueled car did run on it. However, the MythBusters speculate that once this alternative fuel achieves a significant interest level among the public, used cooking oil will be hoarded as a marketable commodity.

Adam's suction cups were able to hold his weight as well and were relatively much quieter than Jamie's magnets, but the climb was still clearly audible.

Further, the mechanisms Adam used to control the vacuums often failed, which caused him to slip and fall down the vent, blowing his cover.

He did, however, make it to the top of the vent, once he perfected the method of operating the device in sequence to his steps up the vent.

Finally, breaking through the grate of the air duct at the end was much too noisy, also blowing his cover.

While visible beams can be seen, they are detectable only when the powder is airborne, which is not very long. Also, as Kari found, blowing too much powder can cause enough of the beam to break and set off the alarm.

Furthermore, most laser systems use invisible infrared laser trip beams. Inspired by Mac's use of a night vision camera to navigate Gin.

None of the beams are visible through the goggles - Tory was able to see only the points where the beams were hitting. He said that the goggles actually made it harder to get through the lasers because of their effect on his peripheral vision.

While the technique is workable enough with visible-beam systems, the fact that infrared beams cannot be readily detected or traced makes locating the relevant photocells too difficult in a real-world situation.

Neither Kari's makeup nor Tory's night vision goggles helped them see the infrared beams, and while a combination of the two allowed Tory to catch a momentary glimpse of the infrared beams, Kari still found that she had a problem in that it was still possible to break the beam by blowing too much powder forward.

In a scene not shown in some versions of the episode, Kari built an apparatus that deflected the beams from mirror to mirror until it reached the receptor while creating a doorway that she and Tory could walk through.

However, the device was massive, and just sticking it in was enough to set off the alarm. When Grant temporarily disabled the alarm to give them time to set it up, it did work, but it was deemed busted due to its impracticality.

When Jamie tried it during a practice run, the method failed catastrophically, so it was not used in the actual test.

The drilling caused some noise, but not enough to trip a sonic alarm. It did, however, cause the entire glass panel to break, but because it was tempered and laminated, the glass held together.

Jamie then used pliers to pick out the pieces until an arm-sized hole could open up, allowing access to the doorknob on the other side, but it was a near impossible task to do consistently.

The sensor is extremely sensitive. Even the slight lifting of the case needed to insert the knife can set it off, and it took three attempts just to get the knife in.

Also, the freshly chewed gum is too pliable to keep the sensor held down once the knife is removed. This was Plan B in case the movie myth was busted, as Tory reasoned that they would bring tape if they were in a heist.

If one can get the knife in without setting it off, the knife can then be held in place with tape to keep the sensor depressed.

In a segment not shown in some versions of the episode, right before the safecracking, Adam set off a pressure sensor that Grant installed on the floor right in front of the safe.

He successfully overloaded it, though, turning the pedestal that had held the Buster idol on its side and putting it on the sensor to overload it.

Modern safes are designed with this old technique in mind, and the tumblers proved too quiet to be heard even with amplification.

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